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About Canada

Since the recession of the early 1990s, The Canadian economy has developed more rapidly than many other developed countries. There are many reasons for success including low Canadian dollar, low interest rates, and low inflation which helped exports to grow. By 1999 the Canadian economy has reached to C$976.7 billion. The financial, trade, utilities, communications, and mining sectors grew the most in output, while employment growth has touched its peak in nongovernmental services. Canada’s area is 9,984,670 sq kilometers. Coming to the Interesting facts, world’s strongest street is in Canada. Yonge Street in Ontario starts at Lake Ontario, and runs north to the Minnesota border, a distance of almost 2000 kilometers. Canada has the world’s longest coastline at 202 080 km. Ontario is believed to be home to the world’s smallest jail, which measures only 24.3 sq metres. Canada was founded by an act of the British Parliament called the British North American Act. This was the written contract about rules and regulations agreed among the four founding Provinces of Upper Canada, Lower Canada, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. It outlined the rights and responsibilities of the people and the government. The new government continued with the task of nation building. The first session of the New Parliament of Canada began on December 4th, 1867. Later Newfoundland joined Canada. France made concerted effort through the support of individuals and consortiums and was instrumental in exploration, colonization and exploitation of new lands. The society was changed and developed its own identity in Annapolis Royal, Quebec City, and Montreal. The French had brave initiatives, and helped native groups. New France grew into a distinct and unique nation which forms a vital part of the Canadian identity in the modern world. The building of New France owes its existence to chartered companies and their commercial activity. There was intense rivalry between the French and British but both the nations were able to leave huge imprint on Canada.

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