Admission Criteria for Ms in Canada, Eligibility for Ms in Canada for Indian Students, Masters Degree / MS in Canada Eligibility and Basic Requirements

Admission Criteria

All post-secondary institutions select their students through an admissions process. Competition varies from one school to another school and from one program to another program. All schools which have web presence will have an online admissions page in which all where all the admission criteria for the various options are laid out.

Typically, college education makes a student ready for an applied career, whereas a university education for an academic career.

University requirements are fair and straightforward. In all cases, admission is solely based on academic marks gained in high school, though some schools consider grade 11th standard marks as well. In majority of the cases, minimum 70% of an overall average will serve the purpose.

On the contrary, College admission requirements vary more significantly. Several well-respected colleges join students, those who are having above 70% of average.

Undergraduate admission criteria

The tough competition for most undergraduate Schools comes from High School Students. Here the two factors that are having much impact are doing well in high school and showing competency in one of the two official languages English or French.

Depending on their interests, students can apply for various programs amongst Arts, Science, and Business.

Graduate admission criteria

Generally, a student should hold an undergraduate degree to pursue a graduate program. Since graduate degrees involve (in most cases) independent research and little course work, students must have the fundamental theoretical knowledge to carry out their independent studies. In order to determine a candidate’s suitability for graduate school, students must generally have a supervisor “vouch” for them. Usually this is via an interview between the prospective graduate student and various supervisors, where the student attempts to match their study program with an appropriate supervisor interested in a similar field.

If the graduate student has the ability to financially support themselves during their graduate tenure (either through the holding of a scholarship or fellowship, or by the supervisor offering financial support from their own grant monies) they have a greater chance of gaining admission to a graduate program. In fact, most graduate schools won’t admit students unless they have their finances already in order.

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